My Favorites

Books: Catch 22, Moby Dick, Roadside Picnic, “A=B”.
Writers: Karel Capek, Stanislaw Lem, Chris Ware.
Music: Water Music, Debussy, Skinny Puppy, Shriekback.
Movies: The Thing, Kagemusha, Dark Star.
Hobbies: Photography, Collecting Fountain Pens, Reading, Classical Music, Mathematical Hacking, Video Games, Hiking.

My Background

Undergraduate: Mathematics, U.C. Berkeley.
Ph.D.: Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon.

Where I work: Win-Vector LLC.

What I do: I produce applied research, prototyping and training in information extraction, algorithms and data-mining for web-scale businesses, hedge funds and start ups. Right now I do this as a consultant at Win-Vector LLC. Earlier I have managed a research group at, performed research in biotech and been a trader in a hedge-fund. A run-down can be found on my LinkedIn profile.
My Blog: (RSS ).

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American Mathematical Society
CMU Alumni Society
Mathematical Association of America
Sigma XI, The Scientific Research Society